From an hour to a full day, I will engage and motivate your teams with topics that include…

Peak Performance

Leading an Optimised Life

Enhancing Productivity

Maximizing your Time

Mental Focus

Exercise and Nutrition for Optimal Health

Boosting Energy Levels


As a Wellbeing Presenter, I focus on delivering simple to apply strategies for peak performance of the brain and body, energy optimisation and upgrading strength, cardiovascular and health adaptations.

The core ethos guiding this approach is that these strategies will fit easily into, and enhance the lifestyle experienced by successful individuals today.

Help ensure the leaders and members of your teams are focused, productive, healthy, happy and motivated to succeed.

The science of Peak Performance and focus and productivity enhancement

Optimising the health and motivation of individuals and teams

Benefits of breathing right, meditation and targeted sleep patterns

Physical exercise for the executive

Acupressure, Self Massage and Office Exercises for wellbeing

Practical nutrition for energy

Heart Rate Variability

Complete Workforce Wellbeing Check Up

Here is an example presentation, delivered at The 21 Convention, in London.

I can come and talk to your group about Peak Performance, Wellbeing, High Intensity Training and Nutrition. The set-up and implementation of ongoing Corporate Wellbeing or Fitness Programmes is also available. Cost is dependent on number of attendees, length of seminar and travel.

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