The ONE Diet is all about eating tasty, natural, unprocessed and unrefined foods that your body is designed to thrive on. Eating in this way will help your body to attain its ideal shape, size and body fat level naturally.

The ONE Diet is about vibrant health- excess weight will naturally reduce and at the same time your energy levels and ability to get the most out of life will be boosted. Stress levels will fall and sleep patterns will improve. In addition, digestive, metabolic, heart and cardiovascular health will be improved. Skin complexion, hair strength, shine and gloss and nail strength also improve as you follow the diet.

In addition to the dietary aspect of the book The ONE Diet focuses too on the psychological aspect of losing weight and becoming healthy- the psychology of success for weight reduction. The psychological barriers to weight loss are discussed and practical solutions are provided. The reader is given the gift of strength of mind and body- an empowering psychology and a beautiful, healthy body equipped to get the best out of life.

Furthermore, The ONE Diet explains how we are continually manipulated by the mega food industry and on the other hand the “miracle” weight loss industry via advertising and misinformation and how we can learn to take our personal power back and finally regain control of our weight.