Personal Training

I will personally supervise each one of your high intensity workouts in London, utilising the state of the art HITGYM AIO by David Health Solutions.

Get the results you need and want in a fraction of the time with the safest, most efficient and effective exercise protocol there is, with Simon Shawcross HIT Master Trainer.

One twenty minute workout a week (or in specific circumstances for certain individuals two twenty minute workouts a week) is all you need to optimize your physical fitness.

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Your investment

Introductory appointment: complimentary, when you mention this website offer

Thereafter: £40 per workout

Combined exercise & nutritional coaching: £100 initial appointment, then £50 per workout & nutritional check-up

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Nutritional Coaching

I have helped hundreds of people like you achieve their best body shape and size. Concurrently optimise your health and energy levels with the key nutritional principles I outlined in the book, The ONE Diet and have continued to refine since.

I will ensure you fully grasp the concepts and practical approaches required to succeed, whilst providing advice, encouragement and accountability.

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Your investment

Initial hour consultation: £80

Thereafter: £40 per half hour appointment

Combined exercise & nutritional coaching: £100 initial appointment, £50 per workout & nutritional check-up

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Corporate Wellbeing Seminars

From an hour to a full day, I will engage and motivate your teams with topics such as; Leading an Optimised Life, Enhancing Productivity, Maximising your Time, Mental Focus, Exercise and Nutrition for Optimal Health, Boosting Energy Levels.

In addition, the set-up and implementation of ongoing Corporate Wellbeing/ Fitness Programmes is available.

Other Speaking Engagements and Seminars- I can come and talk to your group about High Intensity Training, Nutrition and Wellbeing.

Cost is dependent on number of attendees, length of presentation/ seminar and travel.

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Your investment

Quote available on request.

Ongoing Corporate Wellbeing/ Fitness Programmes available.

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Introductory and Masterclass Days

Half Day Introduction or Masterclass: HIT and Nutrition for Individuals

I will help you to fully grasp the key principles of High Intensity Training and optimal nutrition and how to apply them. This will be followed by a personally supervised workout. I will then advise you as to how you can best move forward and apply HIT given your particular circumstances and with whatever equipment (or lack of) you have available to you. There will then be time to answer any additional questions you may have.

Full Day Introduction or Masterclass: HIT, Nutrition and Wellbeing for Individuals

In addition to the above, during the full day Introduction we will cover a wider scope of topics in greater detail. This includes living a balanced life, recovery issues, energy optimisation techniques, advanced nutritional and training strategies, genetics, an introduction to coherent breathing and meditation, and home gym set up.

Your investment

Half-day: £250
Full-day: £450
Location: London
Lunch is included.

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Telephone and Skype Consultations

Your questions about exercise, High Intensity Training, workout routine optimization, nutrition and wellbeing answered.

Telephone Consultation with email follow-up support

An hour telephone or Skype consultation including up to 6 follow up emails, the first being your individual recommended workout routine, then an email up to once per week for the next five weeks in response to and answering any questions you may have about the routine, its application, your progress and required changes to the routine.

Your investment

30 minute consultation: £40
60 minute consultation: £80
60 minute consultation + email follow-up: £120

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