Simon Shawcross

High Intensity Training Master Personal Trainer
+44 (0)2036431354

Hi I’m Simon Shawcross, passionate about helping people like you to optimise your fitness, health and wellbeing. That’s the brief version… if you’d like to find out a little more keep reading!

As a High Intensity Training Master Personal Trainer, I am primarily focused on providing you with exercise that is result-producing, safe and efficient. I have supervised over 15,000 workouts and will bring over fifteen years of experience to each of our personal training appointments. I am the Founder and Director of HITuni, which provides education about High Intensity Training for all, and certification courses in HIT for personal trainers.

A fascination with the impact that food has on the human body has led me into a continuing exploration of the field of nutrition as well as exercise. You can find some of my writing on nutrition in two published books, The ONE Diet and The ONE Diet: In a Nutshell. As a nutrition coach I promote eating real foods in reasonable quantities with the goal of maximising your energy levels and optimising your shape and health.

Intense exercise and nutrition are two key factors that positively impact your overall wellbeing. As a wellbeing coach I will help you explore many of the other factors that will help you live an optimised life including Heart Rate Variability tracking and assessment, physical relaxation techniques, mental relaxation techniques and meditation.

As a public speaker I relish inspiring the individuals and teams in your group or company to apply these concepts of wellbeing, through the delivery of practically focused and uplifting presentations and seminars.

I am here for you when you are ready to make positive changes happen.